Security Threat Report

Once again, the increasing mobility of data in corporate environments is one of the biggest challenges faced in the past year. Users are fully embracing the power to access data from anywhere. The rapid adoption of bring your own device (BYOD) and cloud are really accelerating this trend, and providing new vectors of attack. Furthermore, technologies previously available only to large enterprises are now being used both by small business and home users.

Another trend we are seeing is the changing nature of the endpoint device, transforming organisations from a traditional homogeneous world of Windows systems to an environment of diverse platforms. Modern malware is effective at attacking new platforms and there is rapid growth of malware targeting mobile devices. While malware for Android was just a lab example a few years ago, it has become a serious and growing threat.

Security really is about more than Microsoft or Apple. The PC remains the biggest target for malicious code today, yet criminals have created effective fake antivirus attacks for the Mac in addition to malware aimed at vulnerable components such as Flash Player. Malware creators are also targeting mobile devices as we experience a whole new set of operating systems with different security models and attack vectors. Efforts must focus on protecting and empowering end users—no matter what platform, device, or operating system they choose.

Worse still, organised crime has seen the opportunities available to those who are able to compromise domestic or business IT. Entire call centres have been established with the sole aim of convincing unsuspecting individuals to install “security tools” to address a non-existent IT issue – thus allowing the fraudsters access to their devices.

The above information and a full security report has been produced by Sophos and can be downloaded from our website by clicking on the following link: Security Threat Report 2014

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